Engage Immigration Services Inc. is one of the fastest-growing immigration firms in The Greater Toronto Area. It is managed by Vikas Joshi, an RCIC (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant) accredited by CICC (College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants) who works in close association with other RCICs and Immigration lawyers to manage different geographies and different levels of legal complexities. At Engage, we use a unique and collaborative problem-solving approach where a client gets a detailed analysis of his/her profile and understands their chances of success under different immigration pathways. We understand that no two individuals are the same and hence don’t believe in copying and pasting the same immigration solutions to every client that walks in. Once the client has filled out the assessment form, we brainstorm all the different options that are available to the client, explain the various aspects of applying under the different programs and then provide end-to-end assistance to the client in order to maximize chances of getting a positive decision on the case.


Whether dealing with a client located inside Ontario or located anywhere else in the world, our promise of quick and efficient service always holds true. When assisting clients based out of different parts of the world, the physical distances between the client and the service provider can sometimes become an impediment or cause unnecessary delays in the processing of the application. We have made investments in technologies that help bridge these physical distances and ensure that we can handle all aspects of an application remotely in a timely fashion even when located halfway across the world.


We take up an application only after completely understanding the intricacies of the case and assessing our competencies in handling it. We believe that for building a successful immigration business, it is important to garner trust, and this is only possible if we refuse to compromise on integrity and keep complete transparency with our stakeholders. With training and experience in handling a variety of different immigration topics, our team and associates have capabilities of working on almost every imaginable immigration application, including but not limited to Family Sponsorships, Work Permits, Study Permits, Permanent Residence, PNPs, Citizenship applications and more.


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We understand that an immigrant goes through various financial and emotional challenges on their immigration pathway. With Engage Immigration Services Inc., you can cross Immigration off your stress list! Our Core objective is to ensure that your application has every merit to succeed. We provide customized immigration solutions and offer assistance along with our expertise to make your journey as smooth as possible. Here is how we do it!


Expert team of Qualified Professionals

At Engage Immigration Services Inc., we understand that immigration services require know-how and expertise. With our extensive experience and team of professionals, we are dedicated to offering quality services with output in a timely manner. Our team includes qualified and licensed consultants accredited by the CICC (College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants) and we also partner with independent trial counsels (experienced lawyers) specializing in Citizenship and Immigration law to represent clients during hearings whenever required.

Comprehensive Immigration

The process of compiling and submitting an immigration application can be highly cumbersome and confusing if you don't know what you are doing. Whether you dream of Visiting, Studying, Working, or Permanently settling down in Canada, we have the expertise to help turn your dreams into reality and we have clubbed our expertise with tech solutions to make the process smooth, quick, and cost-effective for our clients. These investments done by us, are a part of our endeavor to give you a seamless experience by simplifying the processes for you and making your work easy and convenient.

Personalized Approach

We are large enough to give you results and small enough to know you by your name! Each case is unique, and often contains hidden facts and information that can be easily missed by a layman. Experience has taught us what questions need to be asked before we take up a case. We review and evaluate each matter and brainstorm to come up with the most effective solutions. In addition to the standard documentation demanded by IRCC, we ensure that we prepare and submit additional documents specific to your case that help a Visa Officer to review and understand your file in one go. This is to strengthen your chances. We spend time hearing you out, and then we come up with the available options. We discuss every move with you and keep you posted at each step of the process.

Adaptive to Change

Canadian Immigration Law is ever-evolving. An immigration program that has been highly successful for the past many years can suddenly be stopped or changed because of a change in the economic environment of the country or a province and we got to see such changes during the peak of COVID-19 when IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) used different programs under the Express Entry system at different stages of the pandemic and even came out with temporary public policies or completely halted immigration for a certain category of individuals depending on the Job Market needs of the country. 


In such an environment of uncertainty, it is imperative for an immigration aspirant to have a good immigration professional on Speed-dial. Someone who has a good understanding of immigration law, the ability to interpret government policies, and an ability to accurately predict the future. At Engage Immigration, we have found ourselves successfully predicting the upcoming government announcements and then adjusting the action plan or strategies for our clients en route to achieving their immigration-related goals. 

Ethics and Integrity

We are client-centric and result-oriented, but not at the cost of our work ethics. We are empathetic towards the struggles that an immigrant has to go through on a daily basis and we therefore choose to be straightforward with our clients so that they have realistic expectations and a clear picture of their situation. 


In addition to this, we believe in the fair and efficient enforcement of The RCIC Code of Professional Ethics by our licensing body i.e. CICC (College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants) and we abide by the code because we understand that it is meant to  protect the public from unethical or incompetent practice by Members. We are recognized for our strong work ethics and integrity. You can expect only honest and actionable advice from us. Hence, you can count on us!

Team Member

Team menber Vikas Joshi


(B.Sc, MBA, RCIC (R707093), Commissioner of Oaths (Ontario)

Vikas is the founder and principal consultant at Engage Immigration Services Inc. He has an MBA degree from ICFAI University in India, and he has completed The Accredited Immigration Consultant program at Herzing College in Toronto.

Having gone through the hoops of Canadian Immigration himself, Vikas wanted to help others realize their dreams of settling down in Canada and use his 15+ years of corporate experience to offer a customer-focused approach, ethical immigration advice, and an analytical mindset to provide the best possible Immigration Consultation to his clients.

On account of his experience processing numerous successful immigration applications for his clients, Vikas can boast of being an experienced Immigration Consultant but other than the practical expertise he also has an academic interest in Canadian Immigration and International policy. Vikas has spent hundreds of hours talking about Canadian immigration on YouTube, TikTok, and local radio. He has also written many blogs discussing and analyzing aspects of government policy and sharing advice on immigration-related strategies for his readers.

He considers economic and family immigration as his areas of expertise and understands the importance of reuniting family members with their loved ones. Finding answers to difficult questions is one of the most motivating aspects of his job and he wishes to use his previous experience, advocacy skills, and immigration knowledge to help his clients for many more years to come.

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